Wish Your Dancers Would Put in the WORK for their Goals?


I work with dance coaches and teachers who love the sport and are great at what they do… but their dancers have a hard time staying focused, motivated, and putting in the work to achieve their goals.


Whether you are looking to increase focus and motivation at practice, help your dancers reach their competitive goals, or searching for a way to unite your team around a single vision, I’ll share the secret to creating a motivated and focused dance team. Dance Team Catalyst is there to unite your dancers around a single vision that guides them all season and help them identify goals that will actually build their confidence, motivation, and resilience.


Do You...

Constantly have to explain yourself over and over with every decision you make?

Decide on a new team skill you want for competition but it always ends up as a highlight because not everyone is ready?

Leave practice tired and frustrated?

Set goals at the beginning of the season but have a hard time following through?


Have You...

Watched your dancers talk about big goals and dreams but not put in the work?

Spent more time going backwards to rework part of a routine than you have moving forward?

Had a dancer roll their eyes at you after getting a correction?

Had a dancer give up if they don’t get a skill on the first try?


Are You...

Tired of trying to motivate dancers who look like they don’t care?

Hearing comments after a performance like “we’ll never be as good as X so it’s not even worth it.

Feeling nervous when you watch competition, not sure if it will hit or not?

Ready to finally enjoy practice every day?


You are a good coach who wants what’s best for your athletes 

but the motivation just isn’t there anymore. Dancers are not as willing to work for what they want, and they give up too easily. You know it’s time to stop having practices full of frustration and negativity and spend your time with dancers who are self-motivated, challenge each other, and support each other as they all work towards the same unified vision!

You are a good coach who wants what’s best for your athletes 

but the “non-dance stuff” is taking too much time away from actually coaching. Maybe you’re starting feel burnt out or unsure of what to do anymore. You know it’s time to stop having practices full of frustration and negativity, and spend your time with dancers work hard and actually love dance again!

After This Course You and Your Dancers Will... 


  • Receive invaluable guidance from an expert in goal setting so that you actually see progress
  • Know how to take values and ideas into actions that everyone can see
  • Have dancers who work hard at practice and take accountability
  • Feel a strong sense of cohesion because the team has a unified vision
  • Experience more joy and fun at competitions because you are in control of success
  • Receive clear instructions on the types of goals to set, how to set them, and what to do when you have setbacks.
  • Have dancers who clearly understand their roles on the team and embrace them
  • Learn to skillfully communicate your vision and goals
  • Teach your dancers the mental skill of goal setting to help them reach their peak performance this season

I'm Dr. Chelsea.

That’s why I created the Dance Team Catalyst, to take you from the hamster wheel of new year/same problems, to more self-motivated dancers who put in the work and experience more joy at competitions.


Dance Team Catalyst was created for passionate dance educators like you and your team. I finished her own coaching career and a PhD so I would be able to create a course that allows your team to reach their highest potential this year. It’s not just a goal setting course. It will unify your team around the values that matter most, clarify the actions you want to see at practice every day to live in those values, and outline exactly HOW you’re going to achieve your best performance.




Dance Team Catalyst:

Secrets to unite your team and achieve your goals this season


Self-Paced Lessons

We all know the challenges that come with crazy schedules and year-round teams. That’s why the course is self-paced so you can watch the lessons and complete it at the time that fits your team best. The lessons are divided into 4 modules, covering 1) Values, 2) Goal Setting, 3) Roles, and 4) Future Progress. You’ll finish with a clear unified vision and the exact roadmap to get there.

Coaches Companion

This course is designed for the team to watch the lessons and have full-team discussions with the coach’s guidance. There is something special about the coach being the one in front of the team guiding your dancers through this process. But you don’t have to go it alone. The coach’s companion will give you all the behind the scenes help so you can answer their questions and understand why the lessons are set up as they are. You’ve got the support you need to be the expert in front of your dancers.


Dancers can use the provided worksheets to follow along and spend the necessary time to fully organize their thoughts. These lessons and worksheets are designed to make sure every dancer equally contributes to the conversation, and everyone and knows exactly what’s uniquely required of them.



Continued Access

I believe this type of conversation should happen every year, as each group of dancers is different and each year comes with different circumstances. You’ll have continued access so that you can return to this course year after year to support your dancers.



Dance Team Catalyst is only for coaches who are committed to teaching through a positive approach and want to learn more about creating a motivational team culture using positive coaching strategies. Dr. Chelsea and each product she creates are committed to changing our dance industry, which means getting rid of the negativity, harm, shaming, and bullying we see all too often. So, if you’re committed to the same mission, Dance Team Catalyst will not only teach you how to create a motivational culture, but make sure your dancers are committed to that same positive team environment.


One time payment... continued access all year to return as needed.

Dance Team Catalyst Course


Dancer Driven... they do the work!

  • Self-Paced Lessons
  • Coach's Companion
  • Dancer Workbooks
  • Continued Access for one year